Dancing on the Head of the Serpent

Released 1987 on JM Records in Scandinavia, and on Refuge Records (Allentown, PA) 1988 in US.

Album credits:
Recorded at Jerusalem Studio, Uppsala, Sweden.
Produced by: Ulf Christiansson
Engineer: Göran Buller
Arranged by: Jerusalem

Additional information:
Jerusalem decided to start their own studio and went to the London and bought some gear from the band “10 CC”. Jerusalem purchased a 32+24 track mixing console, Soundtracks CM 4400 and a 24 track tape recorder, Soundcraft 760 and some other stuff. Produced by Ulf Christiansson and engineered by Goran Buller. This record was remade and remixed for the US market in 1988 and released by Refuge Records that same year. It was banned by several record stores in Scandinavia for its album cover (painted by Rolf Jansson of Norway).

The title song “Dancing on the Head of the Serpent” was #1 on the CCM charts for several weeks. “Rebels of J.C” and “Plunder Hell, Populate Heaven” were on the same charts as well during that time. In 1988, “Dancing on the Head of the Serpent” was also a Dove Award nominee for the “Metal song of the year” in the USA. A video was made from the title song for television. It was produced in Uppsala/Stockholm. Reidar replaced Dan who decided to stay in Sollebrunn when the band moved up to Uppsala, Sweden.