Can’t stop us now

Swedish version released 1983 on Royal Music (Magnus Eriksson) (WRM Bert Karlsson). 
English version released 1983 on Refuge Records (Ray Nenow).

Album credits:
Producer: Andy Kidd

Additional information:
Recorded May-Sept 1983. The band stayed in Ireland for 6 weeks and recorded all the songs there. Ulf wrote all the songs on a portastudio in Sweden as a reference for the recording in Belfast. The record was translated to English and released in Scandinavia by Royal Music RM (Magnus Eriksson) and WRM (Bert Karlsson). The rest of the world by Refuge Records (Ray Nenow) Allentown PA. USA. Musicians were: Peter Carlsohn, Dan Tibell, Michael Ulvsgärd (who replaced Klas on the drums) and Ulf Christiansson. Michael was the last drummer in line to audition. Jerusalem had to find a new drummer after Klas, which we all know wasn’t easy. However Michael turned out to be a butt-kicking drummer. This was in May. Michael went back home and asked God for a word. He opened up his bible and there it was saying: And he went up to Jerusalem in the fifth month.