Thoughts and reflections, Father 2 Son Tour, Ulf Christiansson

Thoughts after the Jerusalem Father2Son Tour in Sweden 2014.
Hello everyone, I will write this in english for our english speaking friends as well.
This part will be followed by 2 parts in swedish regarding our Tour in May.

What can I say and where should I start? I feel like we started something we just cannot stop. Like a new beginning. The response, the joy, the love we felt from so many, make you think there’s hope for this part of the world as well. To be honest, in the beginning the tour was very tuff, even though we felt the blessing on it all the time. When you take this reponsibility (financially) on yourself with all the costs that demands, you are also taking a step that needs faith. I was reminded that I needed to have faith…and of course, thats what its all about, to walk by FAITH! To take a step and challenge yourself. It was like walking around Jericho! Day by day, step by step…and I had some sleepless nights during the first part of the tour.
So I was swept back again, almost like it was in the beginning of the history of the band, it took FAITH! Just go for it…dont think so much just do it!


And I really thank God for this tour, the Father2Son Tour. I think what we are entering now is a 2 generations unity. It took 2 generations to go and take the land. And it will take it now as well. Elijah did go before, so I feel I’m called to do. Go ahead. Prepare the way. When I saw the tears in manys eyes during the concerts it gave me hope for the future. I know it’s not over its a NEW beginning! It’s bigger, greater, more wider. It’s the change I have been longing for together with others for a long, long time. A reformation for relevance, for a final visitation. A church that are reformed and ready to bring reality of the real Jesus to the world. The real Jesus! A lovesick church impregnated by love from heaven. Ready and prepared. This will be a time of war and joy.

So, the church needs to change. Very much so! There’s a system that do not take us anywhere and has bewitched us. It’s a system we tolerate. It made us unable to see, what we really need to see. We speak about revival as if we already know what it is. I dont think we have a clue. Really. Revival is a time of war and progress. Reformation is a better word. We are entering a time of reformation. A NEW reformation! That will seperate and awaken us. Chake us out of the sleeping condition we’re in! John the baptist did this before Jesus came. So it will be now before we will see the greatest Jesusmovement we’ve ever have seen! A movement of LOVE that will melt down the hardest of the hardest of hearts! A love that gives the right meaning to the word! For God so LOVED the world that he GAVE…to GIVE was his answer to our shortcomings and egoism…and music, art and creativity is a big tool for this. But it will only work if we go to him who created it. Only then can we recieve the inspiration and presence we so badly need. The world cannot give it to us. I recommend you to read the book “Snakes in the lobby” (Scott mcLoud). I’m interpreting it right now. This is also about things God showed me some years back.

Uffe fille

Anyway, we will do some more concerts (5-6) with the Father2son Tour in Sweden in September.
Then some rockclubs. Keep your eyes open for more news….. Love from Ulf.
Here’s some articles and reports from the Tour in swedish I’m afraid so you have to interp it through google if possible.
Read also Ulf’s report (in swedish) from the Jerusalem concert at Ringbaren a gay-stripclub in Jönköping, look at Guestbook.
You can also find it at Facebook “Jerusalem” the 19th of May where Ulf writes a report.

Photos by Rickard Widgren

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  3. Hernan Rivera

    Wishing the band continued success in your tour. If you DO come to the USA, don’t forget Puerto Rico! Regards from Mayaguez, Puerto Rico ( we STILL remember!!! ) and rock heavily for almighty KING JESUS.

  4. Henk

    Hello, when do you come to the Netherlands or Germany! An wonderfull cd: SHE! It has been a long time. Remember the lovely time at FLEVO Festival in the Netherlands!

  5. Jan Folkesson

    Hej Ulf. jag som skriver detta heter Jan Folkesson och är idag pastor i Svenska Alliansmissionen. Redan tidigt lyssnade jag på Jerusalem och har alltid tyckt om er musik. jag är 60 år men tycker om ert sätt att framföra budskapet genom er rockmusik. Det finns en tydlig smörjelse i era konserter. Nu var det en tid sedan jag hörde er men vill nu på ett särskilt sätt tacka dej Ulf för din fantastiska bok. Den är radikal och tydlig men också full av kärlek. Jag har läst den i sommar och den innehåller så många sanningar. Jag vill önska dej och din familj Guds rika välsignelse i fortsättningen. Er tid är inte ute. Men vi har en kort tid kvar. Vi måste kämpa trons goda kamp i kärlek. Jag tror att en tid att förföljelse kan komma. Vi har inga garantier, men i allt detta är Gud med. Jag blev väldigt gripen av din berättelse om John Brandström. Jag fick också förmånen att lära känna honom en del, inte som du, men lite. Han besökte vårt hem i samband med ett mötesbesök han gjorde och jag glömmer aldrig den eftermiddagen. Jag var även i kontakt med honom strax innan jag fick veta att han blivit sjuk. Meningen var att vi skulle hyra hans hus i Göteborgs skärgård under sensommaren en vecka, men det kom ju annat i vägen.
    Som jag redan skrivit: Guds rika välsignelse, du har en stor uppgift. Ett böneämne vill jag även dela. Jag har två döttrar, 21 och 24 år som har börjat komma vid sidan av vägen. Detta är en stor börda.
    Mvh Jan Folkesson